Our mission is to serve the community and to ensure those with sincere interest and passion for classical ballet and a commitment to work hard should have the opportunity to dance regardless of socio-economic status.

Since our inaugural year, KSCB has awarded over $70,000 in scholarships to over 90 students, ranging from ages 6 years to 16 years and in levels Pre-Ballet to Ballet 5/6. Scholarship recipients have included students, both local and international, from our School Year Program and Summer Programs.

KSCB belief is that a successful scholarship program requires a fully vested student along with support from the student’s family. Ballet education is an investment of effort, time and money on all parties – student, parents, and teachers.

While KSCB is committed to promote dance education to all regardless of their financial status, a certain degree of monetary contribution aligned with the student’s family’s financial situation ensures that everyone has a stake in the student’s success.

The Scholarship Program is intended to assist and not fully fund the entire tuition fees of the applicants.


All scholarship and financial aid is based on funds available for any given year. Only students 18 years and younger, still in high school, and in Level 1-6 may apply. Each student’s ability, attendance, commitment, attitude, and maturity will be taken into consideration. Scholarship and financial aid recipients serve as important role models for the school and will be required to abide by the scholarship/financial aid agreement.

Scholarships are available for the School Year Program and for the Summer Programs. The application process for both programs are independent of each other.

Scholarships are awarded only at the beginning of the School Year Program and at the beginning of the Summer Programs, and at the discretion of the KSCB Board of Directors. Scholarships are valid for the current school year only.

Upon review of qualification for financial assistance, applicants will be ranked in order of assistance priority based on teacher/instructor feedback regarding the students:

  • Level of commitment
  • Level of effort
  • Level of potential
  • Level of aspiration

Scholarship recipients will meet with the school directors to define a work-study structure. Recipients will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their personal investment in their ballet education by taking on assigned responsibilities around the studio.

The work assignments will be mutually agreed upon depending on age and schedule. Possible work assignments may include cleaning the studio floors, vacuuming the common areas, tending to the trash, or volunteering at KSCB events.