The Kansas School of Classical Ballet is committed to following a structured class syllabus. Our methodical and established curriculum is designed to train students efficiently from a young age to an advanced level. This approach ensures that each student is learning what is appropriate for his or her age and class level.
Emphasis is placed on:

  • Identifying and performing specific positions and steps
  • Identifying and performing these steps using the accurate ballet vocabulary
  • Understanding correct body alignment
  • Knowing and demonstrating proper classroom etiquette

A student’s placement and advancement is based on his or her ability to accomplish the elements as established by the KSCB syllabus. Our curriculum includes classical ballet training augmented by master classes in modern, jazz, flamenco and character.
All students have required evaluations twice a year by qualified adjudicators from equally respected ballet studios and/or professional dance companies.


The objectives of the evaluations are:

  • To evaluate students’ progression through the KSCB syllabus.
  • Motivates students to improve in a healthy, unbiased way.
  • Provide reasonable curriculum guidelines for our professional faculty.
  • Present faculty with the additional perspectives of impartial colleagues.

Along with the necessary technique, physical stamina, and artistry vital to today’s dancers, we educate our students to be knowledgeable about physical health and wellbeing as part of our curriculum. We offer a seminar series that covers subjects that are beneficial for healthy dancers such as:

• Nutrition       • Injury Prevention

KSCB provides access to a physician who can help with self-assessment and self-care suggestions. This kind of consultation is valuable for catching and treating simple problems before they become significant and cause injury.

Our school year program is divided into age appropriate tiers of study, the Early Childhood Program and the Pre-Professional Program.