The objectives of our Educational Outreach Program are:

  • To introduce ballet as an art form to the community
  • To provide an alternative for children to traditional physical activity
  • To connect with students who have an interest and display potential talent

To accomplish the purpose of our Educational Outreach Program, KSCB organizes interactive demonstrations and lectures to present to area elementary schools.

These presentations are about 45-60 minutes and include short ballet demonstrations, engaging audience participation, and a Question & Answer session.

Children are introduced to the different types of dance, a brief history of ballet, the training process, and the many opportunities available in a career in dance.

For more information or to request information about our outreach program, please contact our studio.


KVC Health Systems, headquartered in the greater Kansas City area, is a private, nonprofit organization and a national leader in child welfare and behavioral healthcare.  The organization is committed to its mission of enriching and enhancing the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services, and education.  In its 45-year history, KVC has grown from a home for at-risk boys to a $135 million national organization touching the lives of over 50,000 children and families each year.

In June 2015, KSCB and KVC joined forces to form a unique pilot program, working collaboratively to expand and encourage a child’s exploration of his/her world through the art of movement.  KSCB provided therapeutic dance opportunities to teach children and adolescents basic dance knowledge as well as techniques to build body awareness, focus, and control through the art of dance.

The curriculum for each session was designed using the core concepts of KVC’s Emotion Regulation Drills, which are used to build children’s capacity to regulate painful emotions.

Informational video about the collaboration: