Registration remains open throughout the year. However, please note that the classes do fill up. Enroll early to avoid the possibility that the class you want may not be available. Each student must submit a completed registration form and payment prior to attending his or her first class. Students are registering for the full year. Only exception is students in Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet who have the option to enroll for the fall, spring, or both semesters.
All students, new and returning, must pay a registration fee of $25 per student due with the first payment.
Level Placement
All students are admitted to the school by audition, at which time they will be assigned to the appropriate class levels. Placement – based on age, audition results, and previous dance experience – is at the sole discretion of the KSCB faculty. A student’s advancement is based on his or her ability to accomplish the elements as established by the KSCB syllabus. Readiness for pointe shoes will be determined by the instructor.


Returning Students
All returning KSCB students should register according to the information included in their year-end evaluation. All level placements are at the discretion of the KSCB teaching staff and subject to the approval of the School Directors. Please note that it is not uncommon for students to remain in the same level for more than one year.
News Students
KSCB levels do not necessarily correspond with levels offered at other schools. All age recommendations and level placements are at the discretion of KSCB teaching staff and subject to the approval of the School Directors. New students will be placed in a class according to their age and/or experience. Faculty may observe new students in class for up to one month to determine final placement.